Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Welcome To The Manor...

This blog is written on behalf of and under the supervision of The Squire of Manor Farm, otherwise known as Richard Whatman, better known as Tom or "Spud" Whatman, and formerly know as Sgt. R Whatman RE from 1940 - 1946.

Here you will begin to find historical information about The Squire and the Whatman family which currently lives in and around Brighton & Hove. There are scions of our family living in places such as Cambridge, Llanelli, Bognor Regis, off in Australia, and down in Whitehawk. But we ain't the Whatman paper company family. In fact, we may even be from up north in Northumberland. We like to think of ourselves as Welsh. Don't you DARE say otherwise!

David Lloyd Whatman, son of the Squire, has been compiling information about the Whatman family tree for several years, and also on the family of my mother Geraldine Jones.

I'm Rob Whatman, one of the Squire's grandkids.

The cool photos you'll see of the Squire are by Thad Pope, also a grandchild, who is a photography student and already a published photojournalist. And he has loads of Grandad's old wartime snaps, so get 'em scanned sharpish so they can go up on this website!

In the Link Section, there will be links to songs The Squire sang in his youth and in wartime with the Eighth Army, which he recorded this year of 2006, and also a detailed taped historical recollection of the years 1940 to 1946, which he recorded back in about 1995. Yes, I did lose my original copy, and have to meekly beg for another one.

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