Sunday, September 16, 2007

Underneath The Arches - Victorian, Edwardian and Wartime Songs on ZIP file

Tom has recorded a number of popular songs stretching from childhood songs sung by his mother to Irish songs popular with the dance bands of the 1930s (with whom Tom used to sing), and to wartime songs sung amongst the troops in North Africa and Italy.

You can now download them together in one ZIP file. Click on the link and follow the instructions, and when it is downloaded, open with the programme WinZip or similar, and extract them to a folder.

Underneath The Arches - Songs From Victorian Music Hall To The Wartime

Happy 93rd Birthday!

Today we are celebrating Tom's 93rd birthday. People are gathering in Brighton, and we will all meet for a meal at The Sportsman pub. I will post some photos of the day up later on, after we have all stopped celebrating!